Who Am I?

I like to make beautiful websites. I work on the recommendation, approach each task wisely, and I treat the projects I have created as my children. I like to solve problems like “Can we do this on our website?

Reputation is not an empty sound for me, and the main mission is to help people, therefore I have long-term relationships based on trust with my customers.

Today I work with small and medium-sized businesses from Russia , as well as Germany and the Netherlands.

Ask me a question, and maybe I can offer my help to you or your company too.

The cost of creating sites, developing logos and design layouts depends on a very large number of factors – the complexity and, accordingly, the necessary time for development, corrections, improvements and launch of the project. All prices are discussed up to finding a compromise between the cost of the project and its complexity.

Since time is my most important and valuable resource, the cost of my work is tied to time. So, the basic price per unit of time is 1000 rubles per hour, from which you can roughly estimate the cost of a project or refinement. For example, the development of the simplest landing-page, including the selection of materials, design of the appearance of the site and its blocks and sections, setting up the technical part and launch takes about 3 working days and the total amount will be about 15000-18000 rubles. The more complex the site is in terms of design and functionality, the more expensive it will be. The real cost of the site is calculated on the basis of the technical specification.

However, it often happens so that the task has no clear solution, requires study and, therefore, can not be preliminarily and accurately evaluated. In this case I consider the cost of the work done in fact and within reasonable limits, except for the time spent searching for information on the issue, my studying, and attempts that did not bring results.

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My way in creating websites began in 2010 with the management of the development of the very complicated online store irmag.ru – this gave a huge experience and understanding of how to create a quality website in principle – how important it is to think competently about the structure and hierarchy of sections of the catalog and fill it with exceptionally unique content, despite the frightening figures of 25,000 items of goods …

After the launch of this project, I decided to try to develop my own online shop for the family business – the installation auto center, finally realized that the development of sites – it’s mine, and began to develop in this direction.

Today, I’m being found by my new clients on the recommendation of my regular clients. They know that I can solve almost any task related to web design and development.

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What I Do?

разработка сайтов в анапе

Creating websites

Creating and design websites - landing page, business website, corporate website, online store. All sites are adapted to any mobile devices with different screen resolutions.


Web design and development

Complete redesign, modernization and updating of existing sites. Bug fixes and adds new functionality to your website. Creation of new sections and pages, layout of…


Technical support

Regular technical support of your site. Operative decision of problems and malfunctions. Optimization of a site for increase of positions of ranking in search engines.

Графический дизайн

Graphic design

Development of the logo and corporate identity of the company. Business cards, booklets, any poligraphy production. Design of banners. Work with content on the site.


Обратная связь

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